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The TRINISKET BUCKET LEAGUE was founded by I Reginald Black. "TRI" stands for 3 tennis balls. "NIS" stands for the last 3 letters of the word tenNIS. The "KET" stands for the last three letters of the word bucKET. Thus you have "TRINISKET." This game was created and designed by me in my garage.  The "DON'T COME IN LAST" tournament has become my signature game.

This is my third and newest version. This version has added another dimension to the game. It has made the game much more exciting. In the second version there was only one position to shoot from right in front of the goal. Now the "Court Position Board" forces players to shoot from different positions which makes the game that much more difficult. The scoreboard is now out of the shooting path of the players which allows the game to flow at a constant pace.   Players have to wait for the referee's whistle before they can shoot again. The "DON'T COME IN LAST" tournament from the second version is bigger and better than ever. Players cringe on every shot so they won't come in last and loose one of their "X's." The player with at least one or more "X's" left is crowned the winner.

The third version

The second version.

The second version allowed me to go from 2 player competition to 4 players. Which has lead to the creation of the "DON'T COME IN LAST" tournament. This format brings out the best in all players. It is as simple as it sounds. Just don't come in last place. Or don't have the fewest points after the end of  9 innings. A tie between the two lowest players will force a three inning sudden death.   The first round players that don't come in last will be rewarded with rate points. First place players 3 points.   Second place players  2 rate points. Third place players 1 point.  A tie will get identical points.   If you make it to the second round then you get 2 "X's." The first person to loose both of his or hers "X's" is eliminated from the tournament. The remaining  players will move on to the next round and will be rewarded with 3 "X's." Third round players can only play third round winners. Fourth round winners is rewarded with 4 "X's." Fourth round players can only play fourth round winners, and so forth.   Once there is four players left, then the Championship round will start. Championship players will be rewared with 4 "X's" until one player is left with one or more "X's."  That person will be crowned champion.

This is my first version straight out of the garage. As you can see it was designed for two player competition. Very exciting but only one winner and one looser. If a game ends in a tie then 3 extra innings will be played to determine the winner. The tournaments was the best 3 out of 5. The first player to win 3 games was crowned the winner and would move to the next round. Eventually only two players was left. The first player to win 3 games was crowned the champion.  The format has now changed as you can see from the paragraph above.

The first version.

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